Commissioning and Surrogacy Leave

VMware provides Commissioning and Surrogacy leave in order to allow time to bond with your child.

Eligibility and entitlement

If you are a commissioning parent in a surrogate motherhood agreement (in accordance with provisions of the relevant legislation [1]), you are entitled to four (4) months of paid commissioning/surrogacy leave if you are the primary carer. If you are the secondary carer, you are entitled to four (4) weeks of paid paternity leave, as set out above.

Your paid commissioning/surrogacy leave entitlement includes any statutory commissioning/surrogacy leave to which you may be entitled, and any commissioning/surrogacy leave taken by you will count first against your statutory entitlement.

Taking commissioning & surrogacy leave

Your commissioning & surrogacy leave may be taken from the date of your child’s birth.

You should contact your manager and HR Source [1] [VMware network access required] to apply and arrange for this leave. You should inform your manager and HR Source [1] [VMware network access required] of your intended Paid Commissioning/surrogacy Leave as soon as you reasonably can and no less than 1 (one) month before the commencement of your leave. HR Source [1] [VMware network access required] will support you with queries on this policy and will work with the responsible teams to ensure your leave is tracked correctly. While business requirements must be taken into consideration when planning leave periods, management and staff will work together on reasonable measures to ensure that workload does not unreasonably restrict you taking this leave.

For more information, please see the applicable South Africa Paid Family Leave policy [2] [VMware network access required].

[1] The Children’s Act, 2005