Medical Aid and Gap Insurance

VMware provides Medical Aid through a Group Insurance Plan with Discovery Health and VMware provides Gap Insurance through Kaelo.


All regular employees and their spouse/partner and eligible child dependents.


The Group Medical Aid plan provides healthcare coverage incorporating the following benefits –

Vitality Program – all employees have the option to participate in an interactive and personalised wellness program that encourages a healthy lifestyle.

Gap Insurance – additional compulsory insurance coverage to make up for any shortfalls as a result of inpatient provider tariffs.


Enrolment to the Group Medical Aid plan is compulsory for all regular employees unless you are a dependent on your spouse’s medical aid plan. Enrolment to the Gap Insurance plan is also compulsory.

Upon joining VMware, please complete the Medical Aid and Gap Insurance application forms and send them to the HR Specialist for enrolment.

Please note, you must enrol yourself and your dependents within 90 days from your start date to benefit from immediate access to the medical aid benefits and in order to join free of any underwriting. If you request to enrol after 90 days since joining VMware, yours and your dependent’s medical aid benefits will be subject to waiting periods and underwriting will apply.

If you are a dependent on your spouse’s medical aid, please submit proof of your medical aid enrolment to the HR Specialist.

Enroling New Dependents

A spouse must be registered within 90 days of marriage. Please complete the Addition of Dependent form and submit it, together with your marriage certificate, to the HR Specialist.

Newborn children must be registered within 30 days of birth to be free of underwriting and waiting periods. The coverage start date will be the same as the newborn’s date of birth if registered within 30 days. We recommend that you register your newborn as soon as possible after birth. Please complete the Registration of Newborn Baby Application Form and submit it, together with the birth certificate, to the HR Specialist for enrolment.


VMware pays 50% of the premium costs towards your Medical Aid and Vitality Program Insurance coverage.

VMware pays 100% of the Gap Insurance premium costs.

Dependents Turning Age 21

Medical Aid

Gap Insurance

When Coverage Starts

If an application form is submitted to the HR Specialist by the 10th of the month, coverage will be backdated to the 1st of the month (or your start date). If an application is submitted after the 10th of the month, coverage will start on the 1st day of the following month.

When Coverage Ends

Coverage will end on your last day of employment with VMware.