Jury Duty/Voting

VMware encourages you to fulfill your civic responsibilities by Voting and serving Jury Duty.


If you do not have time to vote in local, state or national elections outside of work hours, you are entitled to take the time needed to vote, but only 2 hours will be paid, subject to applicable law. Time off to vote is subject to manager approval and should be scheduled at the beginning or end of your work day, if possible. Please give your manager advance notice before the election you are planning to vote in.

Jury Duty

If you are a regular full-time employee, VMware will pay for up to 5 business days (40 hours) in a calendar year for Jury Duty.

For non-exempt (hourly) employees, paid Jury Duty time does not count as “hours worked” for overtime calculations. If a non-exempt (hourly) employee is not required to serve Jury Duty for an entire day, they would need to perform work for the balance of the day, as directed by their manager.

Scheduling Jury Duty

  • Notify your manager. Notify your manager as soon as you receive a jury summons; not the day you are to begin Jury Duty. Your manager may request a copy of the jury summons. You are expected to report to work when Jury Duty is not in session and it is your regularly scheduled work day.
  • Report your Jury Duty. After you receive manager approval, go into Workday [VMware network access requiredto report your jury duty.

Please note: This information is an overview of Jury Duty/Voting. Refer to the Jury Duty/Voting policy [VMware network access requiredfor detailed information.


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