Military Leave

If you enlist, participate in reserve training or are called to serve in the United States uniformed services, you can apply for Military Leave. Military Leave ensures job protection while you are away serving your country. The United States uniformed services, include:

  • Army
  • Navy
  • Air Force
  • Marine Corps
  • Coast Guard
  • Air National Guard
  • National Guard
  • Corps of Public Service
  • Any category designated by the President in time of war or emergency
  • Reserve branch of the United States armed services

Duration and Job Protection

In accordance with applicable law, your job is protected while you are away on Military Leave. Per the Uniformed Services Employment and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA) you have the right to be reemployed by VMware if:

  • You ensure that your employer receives advance written or verbal notice of your service
  • You have five years or less of cumulative service in the uniformed services while with that particular employer
  • You return to work or apply for reemployment in a timely manner after conclusion of service and
  • You have not been separated from service with a disqualifying discharge or under other than honorable conditions

If you are eligible to be reemployed, you must be restored to the job and benefits you would have attained if you had not been absent due to military service or, in some cases, a comparable job.

Wage Replacement

VMware will pay the difference between your VMware compensation and your military duty pay (excluding expense pay) for up to 548 days. You will need to provide a copy of your military pay-stub to

Requesting Military Leave

Fill out the paperwork provided by Sedgwick and send the completed paperwork back to them.

Before Your Leave Starts

  1. Notify your manager as far in advance as possible.
  2. Contact Sedgwick at 1-866-251-1749 to initiate the leave of absence.
  3. Have the following information ready before contacting Sedgwick:
              – Last day at work
              – Start date of your leave of absence
              – Actual or anticipated return to work date
              – Provide your military services orders

After You Initiate Your Leave of Absence

  1. Fill out the paperwork provided by Sedgwick and send the completed paperwork back to them.
  2. Once Sedgwick receives your forms, they will determine your eligibility based on applicable federal/state leave laws as well as VMware’s leave of absence policies.
  3. Your manager, HR and Payroll teams will be notified of your request for a leave of absence.

To Extend Your Leave

Contact Sedgwick with as much advance notice as possible before your planned return to work date.


Several benefits continue while you are away on Military Leave:

Coverage During Military Leave

Benefit Coverage During Military Leave
Health Insurance Benefits Medical , Dental , Vision and the Employee Assistance Program (EAP) will continue for yourself and your covered dependents during your Military Leave up to a maximum of 548 calendar days. If you remain on leave after 548 calendar days, you will receive continuation of healthcare election rights under COBRA , subject to applicable law. You are responsible to maintain your benefit elections during Annual Enrollment or if you experience a qualified life event, while on Military Leave.
Short and Long Term Disability Coverage will continue through the end of the month that immediately follows the month your Military Leave begins. Plan rules apply.
Flexible Spending Account Contributions will continue during the VMware paid portion of your Military Leave. You are responsible to maintain your benefit elections during Annual Enrollment or if you experience a qualified life event, while on Military Leave. Plan rules apply.
401(k) Savings Plan Contributions will be suspended during the unpaid portion of your leave; however, catch-up contributions can be made when you return. Plan rules apply.
Basic Life and AD&D Basic Life insurance, Supplemental Life insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage will continue through the duration of your employment.  Upon the termination of your employment, you may be offered the opportunity to convert or port your policy.  Plan rules apply.

Returning to Work

To return to work from a Military Leave, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Contact Sedgwick at 1-866-251-1749 to confirm your return to work a few days before your first day back.
  2. Tell your manager in advance of your return.

Please Note: VMware companies will comply with all applicable local, state and federal leave laws.  This outward facing document is a brief summary only and does not provide all information regarding applicable job protection, benefits, wage replacement, and other provisions. For additional detail see the applicable Military Leave of Absence policy [VMware network access required] for detailed information.


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Leave of Absence Manager Toolkit

Military Leave of Absence Policy [VMware network access

Uniformed Services Employement and Reemployment Rights Act (USERRA)

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