Medical Leave

For those times when you need to be absent from work for medical reasons, VMware provides time off to recover. With certification from your doctor, you can use medical leave for the following:

  • Your own serious health condition
  • Pregnancy and prenatal medical care (also see Pregnancy Disability Leave)
  • Child birth and related medical conditions


You are immediately eligible for Medical Leave on your first day of employment at VMware. To qualify for protected leave under the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and the California Family Rights Act (CFRA), you need to have:

  • Worked at least 12 months (not necessarily consecutive) with VMware
  • Worked at least 1,250 hours during the 12-month period immediately before the leave is needed

Duration and Job Protection

Your job is protected while you are on statutory Medical Leave. For Medical Leaves that run concurrently with FMLA and/or CFRA, you may take a combined maximum of 12 weeks of leave in a 12-month period. For additional regulations by state, contact Sedgwick at 1-866-251-1749. If your Medical Leave runs concurrently with FMLA/CFRA/California’s PDL, or other applicable leave law, you will be reinstated to the same or equivalent job in accordance with those laws. However, neither those laws nor Medical Leave you to any greater right to employment or job protection than if you had not taken the leave (for example, with respect to reductions in force). For additional information regarding statutory reinstatement rights, please review the Medical Leave of Absence Policy [VMware network access required].

Wage Replacement

In addition to any state disability benefits you may be entitled to, VMware provides short term and long term disability benefits that offer partial wage replacement during your Medical Leave. Wage replacement is subject to the terms and conditions of the disability plan documents.

Requesting Medical Leave

If you plan on being away from work for more than five (5) days due to a medical injury/illness/condition, you must request a Medical Leave of absence by doing the following:

Before Your Leave Starts

  1. Notify your manager at least 30 days in advance, if possible.
  2. Contact Sedgwick at 1-866-251-1749 to initiate a leave of absence. If you are medically unable to call Sedgwick, your doctor or family member can call on your behalf.
  3. Have the following information ready before contacting Sedgwick:
              – Last day at work
              – Start date of your leave of absence
              – Actual or anticipated return to work date
              – Physician’s contact information

After You Initiate Your Leave of Absence

  1. Fill out the paperwork provided by Sedgwick and send the completed paperwork back to them.
  2. Once Sedgwick receives your forms, they will determine your eligibility based on applicable federal/state leave laws as well as VMware’s leave of absence policies.
  3. Sedgwick will let you know if you are eligible for any other federal or state leaves of absence.
  4. Sedgwick will ask your doctor’s office to complete the Attending Physician’s Statement form.
  5. Your manager, HR and Payroll teams will be notified of your request for a leave of absence.

To Extend Your Leave

  1. Contact Sedgwick and your manager before your planned return to work date.
  2. If you are medically unable to call Sedgwick, your doctor or family member can call on your behalf.
  3. Your doctor will need to provide Sedgwick with medical certification and estimated duration.


Several benefits continue while you are away on Medical Leave:

Coverage During Medical Leave

Benefit Coverage During Medical Leave
Health Insurance Benefits Medical, Dental, Vision and LYRA (formerly the Employee Assistance Program) will continue during your Medical Leave for up to 365 calendar days in accordance with applicable law. Payments will continue to be taken from pay received from VMware during your Medical Leave. You are responsible for repaying your contributions upon your return to work from any unpaid portion of your Medical Leave. If you remain on leave after 365 calendar days, you will receive continuation of healthcare election rights under COBRA. You are responsible to maintain your benefit elections during VMware’s annual Open Enrollment or if you experience a qualified life event, while on leave.
Flexible Spending Account Deductions will be suspended during any unpaid portion of your leave. You are responsible to maintain your benefit elections during VMware’s annual Open Enrollment or if you experience a qualified life event, while on leave. Plan rules apply.
401(k) Savings Plan Contributions will be suspended during any unpaid portion of your leave. Plan rules apply.
Basic Life and AD&D Basic Life insurance, Supplemental Life insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D) coverage will continue through the duration of your employment.  Upon the termination of your employment, you may be offered the opportunity to convert or port your policy.  Plan rules apply.

Returning to Work

To return to work, you must complete the following steps:

  1. Contact Sedgwick and your manager to confirm your return to work date in advance. You will need to supply a return to work release note from your doctor.
  2. If you have work restrictions that impact your ability to perform your job duties, submit a Help+Now ticket to request an accomodations review. . The ER-LOA team needs at least three (3) business days to review your request, subject to applicable law.
  3. If your disability is a work-related injury, please inform CorVel’s 24/7 Nurse Hotline at 1-877-764-3574

Please Note: VMware companies will comply with all applicable local, state and federal leave laws.  This outward facing document is a brief summary only and does not provide all information regarding applicable job protection, benefits, wage replacement, and other provisions. For additional detail see the applicable Medical Leave of Absence policy [VMware network access requiredfor detailed information.

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Leave of Absence Manager Toolkit

California Family Rights Act

Family Medical Leave (FMLA)

Medical Leave of Absence Policy [VMware network access required]

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