Fitness Reimbursement Program

Living a healthy and balanced life is a part of the VMware culture. The Fitness Reimbursement Program supports these goals worldwide by offering a benefit for employees who work from home or at a location without access to an onsite VMware fitness center.

VMware will reimburse the cost of your health or fitness expenses up to the equivalent of $400 USD per calendar year.

For a list of eligible fitness expenses, review the Fitness Reimbursement FAQ. Memberships to social clubs or spas are not eligible for reimbursement under this program. If you are unsure if your fitness membership/class fees are eligible, please contact HR Source [VMware network access required] for assistance.

Below is a list of each country’s reimbursement amount in local currency. Please note that your reimbursement may be subject to local taxation and will be processed according statutory requirements.

Annual Reimbursement Amounts by Country

Country  Annual Amount
Armenia 196,000 AMD
Australia 560 AUD
Austria 380 EUR
Belgium 380 EUR
Brazil 1,540 BRL
Bulgaria 720 BGN
Canada 520 CAD
China 2,600 CNY
Denmark 2,800 DKK
France 380 EUR
Germany 380 EUR
Hong Kong 3,100 HKD
India1 27,200 INR
Indonesia 5,651,200 IDR
Ireland2 380 EUR
Israel 1,560 ILS
Italy 380 EUR
Japan 49,000 JPY
Malaysia 1,740 MYR
Mexico 7,750 MXN
Netherlands 380 EUR
New Zealand 620 NZD
Poland 1,530 PLN
Russia 26,000 RUB
Saudi Arabia 1,500 SAR
Singapore 540 SGD
South Africa 5,650 ZAR
Spain 380 EUR
Sweden 3,400 SEK
Switzerland 400 CHF
Taiwan 14,000 TWD
Thailand 14,500 THB
Turkey 1,530 TRY
United Arab Emirates 1,480 AED
United Kingdom 290 GBP
United States3 400 USD

1 If you are located at the Kalyani Magnum or the Kalyani Vista office, you are not eligible for the Program. Both locations have access to onsite fitness centers. For more information visit Kalyani Magnum REW [VMware network access required] or Kalyani Vista REW [VMware network access required].
2 If you are located at the Cork office, you are not eligible for the Program. Cork employees have access to an onsite fitness center. For more information visit Cork REW [VMware network access required].
3 If you are located on the Palo Alto Campus, you are not eligible for the Program. Palo Alto employees have access to fitness centers via Club vFit. For more information visit Palo Alto REW [VMware network access required].

* If you are located in Costa Rica, you are not eligible for the Program. Costa Rica employees have access to an onsite fitness center via Moxie. For more information visit Heredia REW [VMware network access required].

Fitness Reimbursement Process

Login to Workday [VMware network access required] and submit an expense report, once you have accumulated up to $400 USD equivalent, or before the end of the calendar year. While completing an expense report, you will need to provide documentation for the fees you paid during the calendar year. Fitness Reimbursements are auto-approved in Workday and will appear on your paycheck in 1 to 3 pay cycles.

You may only submit one expense per calendar year. If you submit less than $400 USD equivalent, you will not be able to submit another expense until the following calendar year for expenses incurred in the new year.

Contact Us

HR Source
ASK HR [VMware network access required]
Internal Phone: ext. 29200


Fitness Reimbursement FAQ

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