Discount Program

VMware partners with Beneplace to help you save money on products and services. Through My VMware Perks [1], you have access to discounts on restaurants, sporting events, electronics, travel, gyms, insurance and much, much more. You will also find discounts on VMware, EMC and Dell products.

Get Started:

  • Visit My VMware Perks [1]
  • Select the activity or item category you want a discount on
  • Pick the discount you want and use the code provided when purchasing

Auto, Home and Pet Insurance

Beneplace offers discounted rates on Auto, Home and Pet Insurance. Features include:

  • Auto
    • Multi-car and vehicle safety feature discounts
    • Accident forgiveness
    • New car replacement
    • Safe driving discounts
    • Good student discounts
  • Home
    • Personal property replacement service
    • 24-hour claims assistance
    • 24-hour emergency home repair
    • Multi-policy discounts
  • Pet Insurance
    • Wellness plan
    • Benefits for accidents, illnesses and hereditary conditions
    • Generous annual benefits
    • Guaranteed issuance

You can access more information on these plans or enroll via My VMware Perks [1].