Medical Insurance

VMware offers Medical insurance through Baoviet.

Policy Period: 01st November 2021 to 31st October 2022


All regular full-time employees below age 65 are eligible to enroll. You and your eligible dependents are enrolled from your commencement date of hire at VMware. Eligible dependents include:

  • Legal spouse below age 65 years
  • Unmarried children age 15 days to 18 years or children up to age 23 years who are full-time students



Sl. No Benefit Limit
1 Maximum limit per person VND 200,000,000

Hospital Expenses (Limit per day, maximum 60 days per Annum) includes

  • Room & Board
  • X-ray examinations
  • Diagnostics, scan, CT & MRI
  • Laboratory services
  • Medicines & Drugs
  • Other related expenses etc

Emergency Ward/Intensive Care Unit (ICU) treatment

VND 10,000,000/day
3 Surgical Charges Covered up to maximum Limit per Annum
4 Emergency transportation by ambulance Covered up to maximum Limit per Annum
5 Pre and Post Hospitalization treatment VND 10,000,000/year
6 Home Nursing VND 4,000,000/year
7 Mortem treatment, Coffin and Local Burial VND 3,000,000
8 In-patient Cash Benefits VND 200,000/night
9 Maternity Benefits (Waiting period of 270 days from DOJ applicable) Covered as per sub-limits above: 1, 2, 4
10 New Born Care VND 700,000/ year


Sl. No Benefit Limit
1 Annual Maximum overall limit (subject to below sub-limits) VND 17,500,000
  • Medical Practitioner and Specialist fees
  • Diagnostic procedures (i.e.: X-ray, laboratory tests etc.)

Prescribed Drugs & Dressings

VND 4,200,000/ doctor visit No limit number of doctor visit/year
  • Physiotherapy (on referral by a Medical Practitioner)
  • Radiotherapy (60 days/ year)
VND 300,000/ day
4 Basic Dental Treatment VND 4,200,000/year
5 Complication of Pregnancy & Childbirth VND 840,000/year


VMware pays 100% of the premium costs for you and your eligible dependents.

Coverage Begins

Coverage for you and your eligible dependents begins on the first day of your employment at VMware.

Coverage Ends

Coverage for you and your dependents ends on the last day of your employment with VMware.

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