Maternity Leave

VMware supports employees and their families in one of the most important times in life – the birth or adoption of a child [1]. Maternity Leave allows mothers to take time off in accordance with statutory requirements so that you can take the necessary time off work to recover and to bond with your baby.


All female, regular, full-time employees are entitled to Maternity Leave for a period not exceeding ninety eight (98) days. However, the paid leave shall not exceed Forty-five (45) days of the Maternity Leave will be paid at the rate equal to your wage on working days.

In the event of miscarriage/loss of pregnancy, employee may avail local miscarriage leave or global bereavement leave [3] and not both.

Scheduling Maternity Leave

Returning to Work

While on Maternity Leave you should maintain open communication with your manager and HR Source [4] [VMware network access required]. VMware will assume that you wish to return to work at the end of your Maternity Leave period however; you should contact HR Source [4] [VMware network access required] towards the end of your scheduled Maternity Leave to confirm and arrange your return to work.

For additional support and resources to consider with the addition of a child to your family, see the Birth or Adoption [1] life event page.