Supplemental Insurance Plans

Accidental Injury, Critical Illness and Hospital Care

Along with essentials like medical and dental insurance, you have the opportunity to enroll in additional benefits available through Voya. Each one you choose is a step toward a more protected, financially confident tomorrow.

Eligible employees must be actively at work as defined in your contract in order for coverage to become effective.

Wellness Benefit

All three plans include a $75 wellness benefit. You can earn this benefit by completing a covered health screening test on or after the date your coverage takes effect. This incentive applies to each plan you enroll in separately. So, if you enroll in all three plans, you can earn a total of $225. Your spouse or domestic partner can earn that amount too, and your children (up to four) can earn half the amount you do. All for completing a routine health screening. For details on supplemental insurance wellness benefits, refer to the summary of benefits.

Accidental Injury Insurance

A covered accidental injury—like a broken bone, concussion or deep cut—may affect your daily plans, but it doesn’t have to hurt your financial ones. Get a benefit payment to spend on gas, utilities, or anything you’d like.

Your coverage includes Sports Accident, Catastrophic, and Accidental Death & Dismemberment benefits.

Critical Illness Insurance

Getting life back on track after a stroke, heart attack, or other covered illness is challenging enough. Get coverage that can help with everyday expenses and more.

Hospital Care Insurance

Get a benefit payment after an eligible stay in a covered medical facility and use it for any expense you’d like. Coverage includes stays at facilities that provide treatment for mental health and substance abuse. You can choose to use the payment toward childcare, groceries, help around the house—it’s up to you.

For more details, visit the Voya Employee Benefits Resource Center for VMware.

Last Updated: 4 Apr 2023, 12:31 PM