Paternity Leave

Global Paid Parental Leave [1] (GPPL) [VMware network access required]

VMware recognises the importance and value of its employees’ family lives and seeks to provide a family-friendly environment that is supportive of working parents. VMware provides Paternity Leave in accordance with our Global Paid Parental Leave [1] (GPPL) program [VMware network access required] so you can have the necessary time off work to bond with your new child.


Permanent full-time and part-time employees of VMware, who are legal parents of the child on the date of birth or placement for adoption, are eligible from the date of employment with VMware.  If both parents are Employees, both are eligible for Global Paid Parental Leave simultaneously.

All active employees whose child is born on or after March 1st 2022 are eligible for the leave entitlement detailed below.  If your child was born prior to March 1st 2022, please note that the previous leave policy applies. To understand your entitlements under the previous leave policy please contact HR Source.


You are eligible for up to eighteen (18) weeks of paid leave to bond with your new child(ren), to be utilized within 12 months from the date of birth or legal adoption of the child. The eighteen (18) weeks are to be taken in units of weeks and can be used all at once or divided up into a maximum of three (3) separate blocks, which do not have to be equal. Any balance of leave not utilized in the twelve (12) months from the date of the new child’s birth or legal adoption placement will be forfeited and cannot be carried forward.


Eligible employees will be paid at 100% of your base salary rate or, for commissioned employees, on target earnings (OTE) for a maximum of eighteen (18) weeks. If you have any questions regarding your Sales compensation plan, please contact the commissions team [2].

Paternity Leave guarantees parents with 100% of your base pay for up to eighteen (18) weeks of leave, withstanding any aid received from government. You are required to apply and obtain government aid based on your eligibility. VMware is not obligated to pay 100% of base pay if the employee fails to apply for available government and company benefits.

Scheduling Paternity Leave

Returning to Work

While on Paternity Leave, you should maintain open communication with your manager. VMware will assume that you wish to return to work at the end of your Paternity Leave period. However, you should contact HR Source [3] [VMware network access required] towards the end of your leave to confirm your return to work.

Note: This information is an overview of Global Paid Parental Leave. Refer to the Global Paid Parental Leave Policy [1] [VMware network access required] for detailed information.