Maternity Leave

VMware supports employees and their families in one of the most important times in life – the birth or adoption of a child. Maternity Leave allows mothers to take time off in accordance with statutory requirements so that you can take the necessary time to recover and bond with your baby.


 Full-time and part-time female employees who have worked for VMware for at least ninety (90) days before your child’s birth are eligible for Maternity Leave.


Your Government Paid Maternity Leave (GPML) entitlement may differ based on your status as detailed in the Maternity Leave. You may be absent from work four (4) weeks immediately before and up to twelve (12) weeks immediately after delivery, totaling sixteen (16) weeks (where eligible). Your remaining entitlement after the first eight (8) weeks may be taken flexibly within a twelve (12) month period from the birth of the child if there is agreement between you and your manager.

You must meet the following criteria to qualify for the full 16 weeks of GPML:

  1. Your newborn child is a Singapore Citizen (SC);
  2. You are lawfully married to your child’s father; and
  3. You have served your current employer (for employee) or engaged in a business, trade or profession (for self-employed) for a continuous period of 3 calendar months preceding the date of birth of the child.

If you are eligible for Government Paid Maternity Leave (GPML) you can also share one (1) week of your GPML with the child’s father under the Shared Parental Leave (SPL) scheme. For more information, please refer to Government-Paid Shared Parental Leave (SPL) or the Parental Leave page.

In the event of miscarriage/loss of pregnancy, employee may avail local miscarriage leave or global bereavement leave and not both.


VMware will sponsor up to 12 weeks of Maternity Leave depending on the employee’s eligibility for government reimbursements based on the requirements as established by the State.

Scheduling Maternity Leave

  • Maternity Leave must be discussed with your manager. If an absence is unexpected, you should notify your manager as soon as reasonably possible.
  • After your manager has been notified, send Maternity Leave dates along with managers approval email by contacting HR Source [VMware network access required] to have it recorded.
  • You will be required to send the following documents to HR Source [VMware network access required]:

For additional support and resources to consider with the addition of a child to your family, see the Birth or Adoption  life event page.

Returning to Work

While on Maternity Leave, you should maintain open communication with your manager. VMware will assume that you wish to return to work at the end of your Maternity Leave period. However, you should contact HR Source [VMware network access required] towards the end of your leave to confirm your return to work.

Contact Us

Contact HR Source [VMware network access required]
ASK HR [VMware network access required]
Phone: (+65) 65011510


Government Paid Maternity Leave (GPML)
Government-Paid Shared Parental Leave (SPL)
Maternity Leave Declaration Form (GPML1)

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