Long Term Disability

VMware provides Long Term Disability Insurance and a Waiver of Premium Insurance for all regular employees, through the pension plan with SPP Pension & Försäkring. 

Definition of Disablement 

Disability is defined as a reduction of 25% or more in your ability to work. 

Waiting Period 

Long Term Disability and Waiver of Premium benefits will be payable after ninety (90) days. 


In the event that you should become disabled, you will receive the following benefits as a percentage of pensionable salary between the following Price Base and Income Base Amounts: 

Long Term Disability Benefits

% of Pensionable Salary Price Base Amount (PBA) /Income Base Amount (IBA) Period Benefit is Payable 

10%  Up to 10 PBA  Day 91 to Day 360 
65%  10/7.5 PBA** to 20 IBA  Day 91 onwards 
32.5%  20 IBA to 30 IBA   Day 91 onwards  

*15 % of pensionable salary up to 7.5 Price Base Amount is provided if you receive a long term disability pension (“sjukersättning” or “aktivitetsersättning”​) from Swedish Social Security (normally not earlier than after 1 year of sickness/disability). **7.5 PBA apply when “sjukersättning” or “aktivitetsersättning”.

Additional Complimentary Cover

Additional complimentary cover is provided through the Long-Term Disability insurance with SPP Pension & Försäkring (through DKV).

  • Counselling (Preventive Care): Lots of problems can be prevented if help is provided at an early stage. If you are experiencing sleep deprivation or stress in your life, merely talking to someone can be a step towards improvement. DKV Helpline (telephone number + 46 770-456 780) gives access to therapists with experience in dealing with anxiety, depression and other stress-related issues 24/7. There is no waiting period. It is also possible to contact the Helpline through DKVs App (through Google Play or Appstore).

Waiver of Premium Benefits 

In the event that you should become disabled, a waiver of premium provision up to a pensionable salary of 50 Income Base Amount, is applicable after 90 days waiting period. This means that the pension provider  will bear the responsibility for continuing to make pension contributions. 


You are automatically enrolled in the Long Term Disability and Waiver of Premium insurances. 


VMware pays 100% of the premium costs for the Long Term Disability and Waiver of Premium Insurance, on top of the 15% Retirement Plan contribution. 

When Coverage Begins 

Coverage will begin on your first day of active work as a VMware employee. 

When Coverage Ends 

Coverage will end on the last day of your employment with VMware. However, if you are on sick leave at this time, it may continue through the provider. 

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