Swedish Work Environment Authority Regulations

According to the Swedish Work Environment Authority regulation AFS 1998:5 employees who work with a Visual Display Unit (VDU) for more than one hour per day are entitled to receive a vision examination paid for by the employer once every 12 months. In addition, the employer must also contribute towards the cost of glasses if it is determined that they are specifically required for VDU work by the Optometrist.


All permanent regular employees are eligible to claim once a year for a vision test and glasses.


Employees are entitled to claim back through expenses up to a maximum of SEK500 for the vision test on production of a receipt. VMware will cover the full cost of adaptive lenses and a maximum of SEK 1000 on frames on production of proof from the Optometrist that they are required for VDU use.

How to Claim

  • Book your vision test directly with an Optometrist and retain your receipt.
  • If Optometrist confirms glasses are required for VDU use, they must provide you with written proof (letter or prescription).
  • Submit your receipt for the vision test (and if applicable your written proof that glasses are required) to expenses.
  • The usual travel and expenses process through Concur must be followed. Failure to provide receipts will result in the claim not being settled.

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