Annual Leave

Annual Leave provides you with paid time off from your job for personal reasons including vacation, outside activities, and personal business. If your absence is due to an illness or injury, you should refer to the Sick Leave page.


VMware employees who have been employed for a full preceding year are eligible for Annual Leave. Specific rules apply to employees who have not worked a full preceding year.


VMware provides twenty (28) days of paid Annual Leave per calendar year for full time employees and an additional 8 calendar days for irregular working hours.

Unless otherwise approved by the employee’s manager, the employee’s entitlement to annual paid leave shall only commence after the employee has worked a continuous period of 6 months.

Scheduling Annual Leave

  • Discuss your Annual Leave plans, in advance, with your manager. While business requirements must be taken into consideration, your manager will work with you to ensure that work load does not restrict you from taking Annual Leave
  • Annual leave requests need to be submitted and approved by the employee’s manager at least two weeks prior to the employee commencing their leave.
  • Once approved by your manager, record your intended time off in Workday [VMware network access required].
  • Annual leave may be taken in parts; however, one part may not be less than 14 consecutive days

Carry Forward

You may carry forward of any unused Annual Leave into the next vacation year. However, those days must be used before the end of the following leave year.

Unpaid Leave

VMware shall grant the Employee unpaid leave in accordance with procedure established by Russian Labor Law and upon a written request from the employee. For further details refer to the Russia Time Away from Work Policy [VMware network Access required].

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