Prolonged Illness Leave

VMware provides Prolonged Illness leave when the employee needs continuous medical attention and medication and as a result is unable to work for a prolonged period. For an employee to be placed in this program, medical certification in the expert opinion of a registered medical practitioner must be produced to confirm the employee is unable to perform normal work.


All regular full-time employees are entitled for prolonged illness leave and will be paid based on the duration of absence mentioned below. This type of leave will apply if the above conditions are met and the employee has exhausted their Vmware provided vacation time off and sick time off due to sickness or injury.

  • First six (6) consecutive months: continuous payment of full base salary (100%) for a maximum of 6 months.
  • Second six (6) consecutive months: continuous payment of half base salary (50%) for a maximum of 6 months.

Time off must be taken at the increment of at least one week at a time.

To the extent that any local statutory requirement is more generous than this policy, then the local statutory entitlement will apply. VMware reserves the right to modify and/ or interpret this policy at any time.

Sickness benefit under Social Security System

For sickness benefit under the Philippines Social Security System, employees can advance sickness benefit and claim reimbursement as per local requirements after exhausting the 14 days paid sick time off benefits and the approved Prolonged Illness Leave in that relevant calendar year.

Cash Out

If the Prolonged Illness Leave is not availed of, the leave shall not be convertible to cash.

Scheduling Prolonged Illness Leave

Prolonged illness leave, must be discussed with your manager and Human Resources Management Partner in writing indicating how and when you would like to utilize the prolonged illness leave entitlement along with a medical certificate confirming illness. This will allow adequate time for the proper arrangements to be made prior to your leave period. If the absence was due to an emergency, you should inform your manager and Human Resources Management Partner at your first convenience.

After your manager and HR have been notified, please contact HR Source [VMware network access required], provide medical certificate to record the exact days of your Leave and attach manager’s email approval.

Returning to Work

While on Prolonged Illness Leave, you should maintain open communication with your manager and the HR Source [VMware network access required], provide regular updates to management on his/her medical prognosis and make every effort to return to work as soon as possible.  Once you return to work, please contact HR Source [VMware network access required] towards the end of your leave to confirm your return to work along with reporting manager approval.

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