Maternity Leave

VMware provides Maternity Leave in accordance with statutory requirements so that you can take the necessary time off work to recover and to bond after the birth (please link to birth or adoption page) of your child.


All regular full-time female employees are entitled up to 105 days of paid maternity leave as per the local law. In case of miscarriage or emergency termination of pregnancy, employee will be entitled to 60 days of paid maternity leave or global bereavement leave and not both. An additional unpaid leave can be used at the employee’s discretion. An employee who qualifies as a solo parent will be granted an additional 15 days maternity leave.  The period of maternity leave shall be inclusive of any holiday(s) that fall within the period of maternity leave. Maternity leave is available to eligible Philippines-based employees regardless of nationality or marital status.


You will be provided with full pay during your Maternity Leave. You will continue to be eligible for benefits and will continue to accrue annual leave. If the maternity leave is not availed of, it shall not be convertible to cash and shall not be cumulative.

Scheduling Maternity leave

You should inform your manager and the HR Source [VMware network access required] of your pregnancy as soon as reasonably possible. This will allow adequate time for the proper arrangements to be made prior to your leave period.

Returning to Work

While on Maternity Leave, you should maintain open communication with your manager and the HR Source [VMware network access required]. You may be allowed to report back to work after serving maternity leave, only if you present a Medical Certificate stating your fitness to work to HR Source [VMware network access required] and confirm your return to work

For additional support and resources to consider with the addition of a child to your family, see the Birth or Adoption life event page.

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