Paternity Leave

VMware believes that leave is an instrument of work-life balance and recognizes that fathers play an important role in raising children. To support this, VMware provides Paternity Leave so that you can take the necessary time off work to bond with your new baby.


To be eligible for Paternity Leave you must be the biological / adoptive father of the child or the mother’s husband or partner; and have, or expect to have, responsibility for the child’s upbringing.


Paternal quota and salary –

The total length of paternal quota is 15 weeks or 19 weeks depending on whether 100% salary or 80% salary chosen. During the first 4 weeks, VMware will pay 100% salary and for the remaining of the period up to 10G salary (inclusive of statutory payments from NAV which reimbursed up to 6G).The first 4 weeks of the paternity leave will be paid of 100% with no link to the National Statutory G amount, the remaining of the weeks will be paid up to 10G.

Paternal Quota

At birth Following birth
  Father is entitled to two weeks leave, but generally no allowance from NAV nor paid by employer (unless otherwise agreed) Starting from week 7 after birth, father is entitled to use his quota.

Quota must be taken at the latest when the shared parental period is done or apply to NAV for postponement.

Total Paternal Quota 15 weeks (if a total of 49 weeks) 19 weeks (if a total of 59 weeks)
Shared Parental Quota

How this is shared is decided by the parents. If father takes the shared quota, there is an activity requirement for the mother.

16 weeks (if a total of 49 weeks) 18 weeks (if a total of 59 weeks)

Scheduling Paternity Leave

You must apply for parental benefits directly to NAV. This is done electronically via VMware, via local payroll provider, will send a “digital inntektsmelding” to NAV in order for the application to be approved. Once you received your relevant document, please provide this to the payroll team for processing.

Please email your manager to agree on dates, then contact HR SourceHR Source will support you with queries on the benefit and will work with the responsible teams to ensure your Paternity Leave is tracked correctly. For the above paid absence, any balance not utilized cannot be carried forward to the following year. 

Please note: This information is an overview of Paternity Leave. Refer to the Norway Paid Family Policy (link) [VMware network access required] for detailed information.

For additional support and resources to consider with the addition of a child to your family, see the Birth or Adoption life event page.

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Contact HR Source [VMware network access required]
ASK HR [VMware network access required]
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Norway Paid Family Leave Policy [VMware network access