Maternity Leave

VMware is dedicated to work-life balance and offers a family-friendly environment that is supportive of working parents. VMware provides Maternity Leave in accordance with statutory requirements so that you can take the necessary time off work to recover and to bond with your new baby. 


All full-time and part-time employees, excluding agency workers or self-employed contractors who are pregnant or have recently given birth are eligible for Maternity Leave from the first day you start your employment with VMware.


The table below illustrates the general scheme for family benefits following the National Insurance Act. The scheme can be divided in three parts: i) the maternal quota (in Norwegian: mødrekvoten), ii) the paternal quota (in Norwegian: fedrekvoten) and the Shared Period (in Norwegian: fellesperioden).

Paternal Quota

Total Parental Benefit including the Company enhancement 100% pay (up to 10 G) for the duration of 49 weeks

(Inclusive of the statutory 6G payment)

80% pay (up to 10 G) for the duration of 59 weeks

(Inclusive of the statutory 6G payment)

Vacation Accrual Cap1
49 weeks in total, divided into:
– 15 weeks maternal quota (+ 3 weeks before birth)
– 15 weeks paternal quota- 16 weeks shared period
59 weeks in total, divided into:
– 19 weeks maternal quota (+ 3 weeks before birth)
– 19 weeks paternal quota- 18 weeks shared period
180 hours (22.5 days)


Before birth Following birth Remaining weeks
Must take at least 3 weeks (mother only) 59 weeks in total, divided into:
– 19 weeks maternal quota (+ 3 weeks before birth)
– 19 weeks paternal quota- 18 weeks shared period
9 weeks, can be taken at a later stage
Total Maternal Quota 15 weeks (+3 weeks before birth) 19 weeks (+3 weeks before birth)

Maternal quota and salary

The total length of maternal quota is 18 weeks of which 3 weeks must be taken before the birth and the remaining of the period can be divided.

The mother must take three weeks before confinement (these do not reduce the maternal quota, only the total amount of weeks), and at least six weeks after birth.

If the parents of a new baby live apart, the mother or any other person assisting the mother during pregnancy or caring for the child may take over the father’s right to parental leave.

Benefits from the National Insurance Scheme is limited to salary up to 6 G. Vmware will pay maternal pay up to 10 G of your regular salary.

How your salary is calculated depends on provisions in the National Insurance Act. Generally, your salary will be determined by the average monthly income you have received in the last three months prior to taking family leave. Calculation is made on the basis of the income that has been reported electronically via A-meldingen by your employer. Salary paid as a result of the employee performance of work or a particular individual result is included. This means that commission is normally included. Bonus would normally be included, provided bonus is paid as a result of the individual employee’s performance of work.

Scheduling Maternity Leave 

In order to qualify for family benefits from the National Insurance Scheme (NAV), you must have been employed and have received a pensionable income for at least six of the ten months prior to the start of the benefit period. You must also be a member of the Norwegian National Insurance Scheme.

You must apply for parental benefits directly to NAV. This is done electronically via VMware, via local payroll provider, will send a “digital inntektsmelding” to NAV in order for the application to be approved.

 You should inform your Manager and HR Source EMEA of your pregnancy as soon as reasonably possible or minimum 4 weeks prior commencing your leave, so that proper arrangements can be made prior to your leave period.

Please refer to the guidelines and required documentation which are detailed in the Norway Family Leave Policy [VMware network access required] that you will need to provide before commencing your leave and after returning to work.

Returning to Work  

While on Maternity Leave you should maintain open communication with your manager and HR Source EMEA . In addition to the Maternal Quota there is a Shared Parental Leave available for you to extend your leave. You must decide with your spouse/partner how this period will be shared between you and notify HR Source.

If you wish to return to work you should contact HR Source EMEA towards the end of your scheduled Maternity Leave to confirm and arrange your return to work.  

For additional support and resources to consider with the addition of a child to your family, see the Birth or Adoption life event page. 

Please note: This information is an overview of Maternity Leave only. To check any other eligible leave entitlement please refer to the Norway Family Leave Policy [VMware network access required] for detailed information. 


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