Travel Insurance

VMware providers Travel Insurance through a Group Insurance Travel Plan with Gouda.


All regular employees and fixed term contract employees on company payroll. Self employed and agency contractors excluded. Dependants are excluded.

The travel insurance applies when you are undertaking a business trip. It also applies to you, your spouse/cohabiting partner and your own children under the age of 21 (living with one of their parents) when travelling on holiday/leisure time up to 90 days’ duration.

The insurance applies to sudden and unforeseen events.

When using this insurance, you need the policy number and information regarding when you became a member of the insurance scheme.


The Group Travel Insurance plan incorporating the following benefits –

  • Belongings – unlimited
  • Employer’s effects – up to NOK 60,000
  • Travel illness outside Norway – unlimited
  • Repatriation – unlimited
  • Liability – up to NOK 40,000,000
  • Legal aid – up to NOK 100,000
  • Psychological first aid – up to NOK 25,000 (NOK 50 000 for family)
  • Cancellation – up to NOK 200,000 (NOK 300,000 for family)
  • Delayed luggage – up to NOK 10,000 for business trips, up to NOK 5,000 for holiday/leisure travel
  • Accident death/incapacity for you and your spouse/cohabiting partner – NOK 300,000
  • Accident incapacity for children under the age of 21 – NOK 500,000
  • Accident death of children under the age of 21 – NOK 100,000
  • Cash is covered up to NOK 5,000 (NOK 10 000 for family)
  • Single objects are covered up to NOK 40,000 per claim
  • Deductible for damage/loss of rental car during travel outside country of residence: NOK 20,000 per claim
  • Loss of or damage to single articles up to NOK 40,000 collectively per claim.


You don’t need to complete an enrolment form, you will be automatically covered from the 01st day of your employment.


VMware pays 100% of the premium costs towards the costs of your cover.

When Coverage starts

Coverage begins on your first day of employment with VMware.

When Coverage ends

Coverage ends on your last day of employment with VMware.

Contact Us

Contact HR Source [VMware network access required]
ASK HR [VMware network access required]
Phone: 1-888-869-2738


Gouda Reiseforsikring Oslo – VMware policy number 30559940
Telephone: +47 24 14 45 70
Gouda Alarm Telephone: +45 33 15 60 60 Telefax: +45 33 15 60 61 E-mail:
Henvendelser skadetilfelle:
eller tlf: + 47 22 00 20 80AIG reiseforsikring


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