Income protection helps you replace a portion of your pay if you become totally disabled, ill, or injured and are unable to work. These plans provide you valuable income protection and can help you and your dependents when you truly need it.

Insurance Provider: AVIVA


All regular full-time employees under age 64 years are covered under Disability insurance.


The sum assured is up to 75% of your annual salary, including base salary and target bonus, up to a maximum of S$ 180,000. After proof of your permanent disablement is received, the disability income benefit will be paid at the end of each month while you are disabled, after the 6 months deferment period. Disability income will end upon:

  • Recovery from the disability;
  • Death;
  • Reaching age 60

Definition of Total Disability

You are totally disabled, solely due to injury or sickness, if you are:

  • Completely and continuously unable to perform your occupation in any capacity; and
  • Remaining under the regular care and the attendance of a medical practitioner and are following the advice of that medical practitioner in relation to that Injury or Sickness; and
  • Not engaged in any occupation, paid or unpaid


  • Participation in any aerial activity including parachuting and sky-diving; travel in any type of aircraft other than as a fare paying passenger on a regularly scheduled flight of a commercial airline
  • Invasion, riot, civil commotion or rebellion, any war or act of war; violation or attempted violation of the law or resistance to arrest;
  • Suicide or any attempted suicide or self-inflicted injury or illness, while sane or insane; over-indulgence in alcohol, drug taking unless taken under the direction of a registered medical practitioner;
  • Pregnancy or childbirth, or any illness or injury associated with pregnancy or childbirth
  • Venereal disease, AIDs & HIVs or its related illnesses

Free Cover Limit

The policy has an Automatic Acceptance Level of $60,000 (up to age 64) per month i.e. employees with benefits above the indicated threshold will be subject to underwriting requirement basis which coverage will be determined. You will be informed if you are required to undergo a medical examination.


VMware pays 100% of the premium costs for Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance.

When Coverage Begins

Coverage begins on the first day of your employment.

When Coverage Ends

Coverage ends on the end of your last day of service with VMware.

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