Medical Insurance

VMware provides a supplemental Medical Insurance through a global plan with Daily Health Insurance Group (DHIG).


All regular employees are eligible for this benefit. Spouse/Partner and dependents up to age 18 (or 24 if student) can be added to the coverage at no cost to the employee.


Key Coverage Details:

Coverage up to €2,000,000 per person per year


  • Room and board for hospitalization reflects standard private or semi-private
  • In-patient treatment includes costs and fees of attending Doctor, Surgeon and anaesthetist, other medical staff involved for treatment and consultations; operating theatre, emergency room, recovery room, ICU, coronary care unit, high dependency unit, diagnostic tests, laboratory and instrumental tests, electrocardiograms, medical imaging (X-rays, CT, MRI, PET), drugs, dressings, medical materials (bandages/surgical dressings, casts, etc)
  • Hospitalization daily allowance of €150 per night (30 nights for alternative to reimbursement of hospitalization costs)


  • Dental limit up to €750 per person per year – Basic restorative Treatment (no waiting period) – Preventive & Diagnostic Treatment (no waiting period)
  • Vision – Prescription glasses and/or contact Lenses provided by an optometrist in case of modification of dioptre superior or equal to 0.5: 300 Euro per person per annum (no waiting period)
  • Doctor visits up to €8,000
  • Post hospital treatment includes rehabilitation up to €1,000 immediately following inpatient treatment, physiotherapy treatment up to 30 visits and external prostheses and devices which are medically required following hospitalization, day-care treatment or accident and emergency room treatment up to €1,000
  • ▪New-born care package

When Coverage Begins

You are automatically covered from your first date of employment.


VMware pays 100% of the premium cost for the Life Insurance.

When Coverage Ends

Coverage will end on the last day of your employment with VMware.

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