Annual Leave

Annual Leave allows an employee to be paid while having time off from work for personal reasons including:

Annual Leave is not intended for use when absence is due to a medical disability. For medical disability related leave, review the Sick Leave [1] page.


Regular full-time employees are entitled for 15 days of Annual Leave per year plus for 3 consecutive years an additional day for each 2 years of service, up to a maximum of 25 days.

For employees whose period of employment is less than a year, one day off will be granted for each full month worked until the next year January 1st.

Over the next year starting from January 1st they will receive an additional 15 days which accrues at the rate of 1.25 days per month.

Pro-Rated Annual Leave

Service Annual Leave
Less than 1 year 1 day / month
1 – 2 years: 15 days
3 – 4 years: 16 days
5 – 6 years: 17 days
7 – 8 years: 18 days
9 – 10 years: 19 days
20 years+: 25 days

Carry Forward

Annual Leave earned, should be used within 1 year from when it was earned. Otherwise, it will be forfeited and not compensated by taking actions to encourage an employee to use the annual paid leave under this article. However, Annual Leave that is earned but is not used by an employee due to reasons attributable to VMware will not be forfeited. Employees are allowed to carry forward up to maximum of 5 days of paid annual leave, which must be utilized before 31 March of the following year.

If an employee subsequently fails to use Annual Leave and the leave is forfeited, despite the steps below, VMware shall not be obligated to compensate the employee for any unused days of leave.

  1. VMware shall notify each employee of the number of his/her unused days of leave within ten (10) days of the date six (6) months prior to December 31st each year. VMware shall make a written request to the employee that he/she notify the Company of scheduled time that he/she will use the leave.
  2. If despite VMware’​​s request as set forth in Item A. above the employee fails to notify VMware of the scheduled time to use all or a part of the unused days of leave within ten (10) days after the employee receives the request, VMware shall designate and notify each employee in writing of the time for using the unused days of leave two (2) months prior to the date on which one (1) year elapses from the day when the annual paid leave was granted.

Cash Out

Employees are entitled to a payment for the 16th to 25th day of paid Annual Leave that are earned but not used during the year in which they are earned. Calculation is based on ordinary wage and paid in the form of a reimbursement via regular monthly payroll in the January each year.

Scheduling Annual Leave