Family Care Leave

Employees who have a parent, spouse, child or spouse’s parent requiring care due to a serious illness, injury or in the case of parents, advanced age, may request an unpaid Family Care Leave of up to 90 days per calendar year. This leave may be taken in increments, as long as one increment is at least 30 days.

Benefits and Service

If you take Family Care Leave will continue to be eligible for Flexible Benefits and child school expense support. You will also continue to accrue Annual Leave and the time will count for length of service calculations.

Conduct During Leave

While on Childcare Leave you are still considered a VMware employee and must continue to comply with all rules of conduct, including the Business Conduct Guidelines. During your leave, you may not work at another company without prior approval from VMware. If you work at another company, while out on leave, without pre-approval, you will be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination.

Scheduling Family Care Leave

You should inform your manager and HR Source [VMware network access required] of your desire to take Family Care Leave so that proper arrangements can be made prior to the leave period.

Returning to Work

At least two (2) weeks prior to returning to work, you must contact your manager and HR Source [VMware network access required] to discuss reinstatement.

For more information, please refer to the Korea Employee Handbook [VMware network access required].

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