Enroll or Change Benefits

Enrolling in Benefits

You may enroll or change your benefits with VMware, based on the following categories:

  • Annual Enrollment
  • New Hire or Rehire
  • Qualified Life Event


If you are a regular full-time employee who works 40 or more scheduled hours per week, you are eligible to enroll in VMware benefit plans. You have 30 days to enroll as of your hire date or the date your status changes. VMware offers benefit coverage for you and your legal dependents. Eligible dependents include:

  • Legal spouse
  • Unmarried dependent child(ren)
  • Dependent parents and parent’s in-law. Dependent parents / parents in-law coverage is limited to hospitalization and accidental outpatient coverage.

Changing Coverage Mid-Year

A qualified life event allows you to enroll or make changes to your health and/or life insurance coverage, mid-year. A qualified life event may include:

If you experience a qualified life event, you have 30 days from the date of the event to report it to HR Source.

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