Civil Rights Leave

VMware encourages you to fulfill your civic responsibilities by voting and performing your public duties.


Unpaid time off may be granted to all VMware employees for the purpose of exercising your civil rights to vote or otherwise, or when you need to perform public duties. The days of leave are not limited, please review the Labor Standards Act for more information.


Civil Rights Leave is an unpaid leave. No salary shall be paid during your leave time.

Scheduling Civil Rights Leave

  • Discuss your plans with your manager. While business requirements must be taken into consideration, your manager will work with you to ensure that work load does not restrict you from taking your Civil Rights Leave.
  • You must submit a Civil Rights Leave request to HR Source [VMware network access required] at the time of your request.

Returning to Work

You should submit a certificate or other document issued by the court to HR Source [VMware network access required] without delay after returning to work.

Please note: This information is an overview of Civil Rights Leave. Refer to the Japan Employee Handbook [VMware network access required] for detailed information.

Contact Us

Contact HR Source [VMware network access required]
ASK HR [VMware network access required]
Phone: (+81) 343345602


Labor Standards Act

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