Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave is part of the Global Paid Parental Leave Policy “GPPL”

VMware recognizes the importance and value of its employees’ family lives and seeks to provide a family-friendly environment that is supportive of working parents.

The Global Paid Parental Leave Program (“Program”) is intended to:

  • provide minimum leave and payment benefits for new parents employed by VMware; and
  • support all eligible employees to take time off from work for pre-natal periods subject to applicable local law, childbirth, placement of a child for adoption, and/or to spend time with their new child.

A copy of the full GPPL policy is here

A copy of the FAQ’s is here


This Program applies to all full-time and part-time permanent employees (“Employees” or “Employee”) directly employed by VMware. Subject to applicable law, contractors and non-employees are not eligible to participate in this Program. All active employees whose child is born on or after March 1 2022 are eligible for the leave entitlement detailed below.  If your child was born prior to March 1 2022, please note that the previous leave policy applies. To understand your entitlements under the previous leave policy please contact HR Source.


Employees are entitled to receive up to eighteen (18) weeks of leave, paid at their base salary rate (subject   to applicable law) or, for commissioned employees, on target earnings (OTE), where they seek time off from work for pre-natal periods subject to applicable local law, childbirth, placement of a child for adoption, and/or to spend time with their new child.

After the eighteenth (18th) week of maternity, the INPS will pay for the 80% of your earnings and VMware will top-up up to the Social Insurance payments so that you receive 100% of your salary (commissions and OTE will be excluded for this remaining time).

To the extent possible under local law, all GPPL will run concurrently with any other Local Benefits and/or any applicable contractual terms.

The local Labor Law provides a total of five (5) months paid Maternity Leave, with different options:

  • Taking the first two (2) months of leave before the birth and the remaining three (3) months after the birth.
  • Taking one (1) month before the birth and the remaining four (4) months after the birth.

To apply for the last option, you will need to submit a medical certificate issued by a public network doctor or by the company’s health and safety doctor stating that keep working doesn’t compromise your health as expectant mother. Inform HR Source [VMware network access required] in case you would need to access to an appointment with the company’s health and safety doctor.

After Maternity Leave has been taken, you can extend your leave period by taking an additional six (6) months, of Parental Leave.


All benefits will continue to be provided and subject to the terms and conditions of the benefit plan in force at that time. Vacation continues to accrue whilst on leave of absence.

Scheduling Maternity Leave

You should inform your manager and HR Source [VMware network access required] of your pregnancy as soon as reasonably possible, so that proper arrangements can be made prior to your leave period.

Returning to Work 

While on Maternity Leave you should maintain open communication with your manager and  HR Source [VMware network access required]. VMware will assume that you wish to return to work at the end of your Maternity Leave period however, you should contact HR Source [VMware network access required] towards the end of your scheduled Maternity Leave to confirm and arrange your return to work.

For additional support and resources to consider with the addition of a child to your family, see the Birth or Adoption page.

Note: This information is an overview of Maternity Leave, for further information, please contact HR Source EMEA [VMware network access required]


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