Accidental Death and Disability

Accidental Death and Disability

VMware provides Accidental Death and Disability (AD&D) Insurance through Cassa di Assistenza Sanint.

An injury is defined as any event due to an accidental, violent and external cause, which provokes objectively verifiable bodily harm, causing death or permanent disability.


All regular full and part time employees of VMware are eligible for Accidental Death and Disability (AD&D) Insurance.


If you should die or become permanently disabled due to an accident while in the service of VMware you and/or your beneficiaries will receive a lump sum based on the following:

Accidental Death & Dismemberment Benefits

Dirigenti: Non-Dirigenti:
Death Five (5) times the annual gross salary Three (3) times the annual gross salary
Total Permanent Disability Six (6) times the annual gross salary Four (4) times the annual gross salary

Disability is covered and will be measured according to the level of disability certified by the doctor.


You are automatically enrolled in the AD&D insurance and insured for the above amounts.


VMware pays 100% of the premium costs for the AD&D insurance.

When Coverage Begins

Coverage will begin on your first day of active work as a VMware employee.

When Coverage Ends

Coverage will end on the last day of your employment with VMware.