Casual Leave

VMware provides Casual Leave, in addition to Annual Leave [1], to allow time off with an intent to have adequate work life balance for its employees. Casual Leave can be used for:


Regular, full-time employees are entitled to five (5) days of Casual Leave per calendar year. Casual Leave is pro-rated for newly-hired full-time employees per the table below:

Pro-Rated Casual Leave

Month of Hire Casual Leave
January 5 days
February 4.58 days
March 4.16 days
April 3.75 days
May 3.33 days
June 2.92 days
July 2.40 days
August 2.08 days
September 1.67 days
October 1.25 days
November 0.83 days
December 0.42 days

Carry Over

Unused Casual Leave days cannot be rolled over to the next year. VMware does not make any payment in lieu of Casual Leave.

Scheduling Casual Leave