Annual Leave

Annual Leave allows you to be paid while having time off from work for personal reasons including:

If your absence is due to an illness or injury, you should refer to the Sick Leave [1] page.


Regular, full-time employees are entitled to fifteen (15) days of Annual Leave per year. Annual Leave is pro-rated for newly-hired full-time employees per the table below:

Pro-Rated Annual Leave

Month of Hire Annual Leave
January 15 Days
February 13.75 Days
March 12.5 Days
April 11.25 Days
May 10 Days
June 8.75 Days
July 7.5 Days
August 6.25 Days
September 5 Days
October 3.75 Days
November 2.5 Days
December 1.25 Days

Carry Forward

VMware encourages you to take all Annual Leave credits of the current year during that year, however, you may carry forward up to thirty (30) days of unused Annual Leave days.

Cash Out

VMware only permits the cashing out of unused Annual Leave days when an employee resigns or ceases to be employed for any reason, at which time the full accumulated/outstanding leave entitlement is paid out.

Scheduling Annual Leave