Group Term Life and EDLI insurance

VMware provides Life Insurance & Employee Deposit Linked Insurance(EDLI) through Exide Life Insurance Company Limited.


All regular full-time employees of VMware are eligible for Life Insurance.


In the event of death while in the service of VMware, due to illness or injury, beneficiaries of the employee will receive a lump sum payment of two (2) times of the Cost To Company with a minimum of INR 500,000 towards Life insurance. The insurance covers natural death, pre-existing diseased death and accidental death. In addition beneficiaries will also receive statutory Employee Deposit Linked Insurance of  INR 7,01,000


You will be automatically enrolled in the Life Insurance/EDLI and insured for amounts up to the cover limit mentioned above.

Note: Please add your beneficiaries on MyLife Benefits Portal in order to ensure seamless disbursal of insurance in the unfortunate event of death.

Free Cover Limit

You will be automatically enrolled in the life Insurance up to INR 5.5 Crores. Employees with a salary above the indicated threshold will be subject to underwriting requirement basis which coverage will be determined.


VMware pays 100% of the premium costs for you Life Insurance & EDLI.

When Coverage Begins

Coverage will begin on the first day of your employment.

When Coverage Ends

Coverage ends on the last day of service with VMware.

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