VMware provides Collective Healthcare Insurance through Harel.


All regular employees and their qualified dependents are eligible to join the Collective Healthcare Plan.


Qualification: 60 days in the ambulatory chapter

Benefits Table

Service Coverage
Transplants in Israel and abroad

Unique services –​​ there is coverage for the following transplantation’s:

  • intestinal transplantation
  • ovaries
  • bone marrow
  • peripheral stem cells
  • cord stem cells from another donor
  • Without limit in centers specified in the policy, $1,000,000 in centers that are not specified in the policy
  • Locating bone marrow donor –​ No coverage limit
  • One-off compensation – NIS 250,000
  • No limitation on hospitalization days
  • Recovery allowance: NIS 5,000 for liver, heart, heart-lung, lung or spleen transplant or NIS 3,000 for kidney transplant or bone marrow transplant from a foreign donor

Additional Expenses:

  • Travel and stay abroad for the insured and a chaperone without limit including medical flight –​ full coverage
  • Bringing an expert
  • Continuation of expenses in Israel
  • Flying corpse –​​​​ full coverage
Special treatments and surgeries abroad
  • Coverage limit $200,000
  • Will be approved even if waiting in Israel is not life threatening
  • No limitation on hospitalization days

Additional Expenses:

  • Travel and stay abroad for an insured and chaperone excluding total limit
  • Medical flight – full coverage
  • Flying experts
  • Continuation of expenses in Israel
  • Flying a corpse –​​​ full coverage
Medications not included in the health basket
  • NIS 2,500,000 for the insurance period
  • NIS 200 deductible amount for prescription and up to NIS 400 for all prescriptions jointly per month
  • Medication administration expenses up to NIS 160 per day and up to 30 days
Unique Medical Services


  • Doctor’s house calls 24 hours – NIS 25 deductible amount
  • Information call center 24 hours
  • Psychological care and assistance –​​​ as specified in the policy

Deductible amount:

  • 1 session NIS 80
  • 11 additional sessions NIS 100
Consultation with Specialist: 3 times a year and up to NIS 800
Diagnostic examinations NIS 2,000
Imaging examinations NIS 4,000
Second opinion abroad Up to NIS 4,000
Physiotherapy treatments 17 treatments a year and up to NIS 2,550
Radiotherapy/chemotherapy treatments Up to NIS 10,000 for an insurance year and up to NIS 30,000 for the entire insurance period
Laboratory tests for malignant tumors Up to NIS 4,000
Pregnancy tests


  • Amniotic fluid
  • Genetic tests
  • Total for genetic tests NIS 3,000
  • In multiple pregnancy –​​​​ NIS 4,000
  • Pregnancy scan
Preventive Medical Tests


Up to NIS 280 for test (mammography, pap smear, bone density, PSA, intraocular pressure) and for insured above the age of 50 one examination for each type for three years


If you wish to enrol in the Healthcare Plan, you must do so within 30 days of your start date. 


VMware will pay 100% of the premium costs for your participation in the Voluntary Healthcare Plan, however you will be required to pay for any dependents you chose to enrol in the plan and the tax due on this benefit. 

Coverage Begins 

Coverage is effective from the date you complete the enrolment form and/or *the date you are accepted by the insurer as on cover. 

*In certain circumstances you may be required to complete a health declaration form in which case, your coverage will be effective from the date you are accepted by the insurer as on cover. 

Coverage Ends 

Coverage for you and your dependents under the VMware Healthcare plan will end on the last day of your employment with VMware; however you can elect to continue cover on a personal basis. 

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