Sick Leave

At VMware we encourage a healthy work environment. You are entitled to take Sick Leave in accordance with statutory requirements with the understanding that sick days are solely for the purpose of recuperating from an illness or injury impacting you. 


Once you have completed your probationary period you are eligible for Sick LeaveShould your probationary period be extended, you will not be eligible for Sick Leave until it has been successfully completed. This benefit is paid solely at VMware’s discretion and is not an entitlement.

If you are unwell because of a pregnancy related illness, please contact your manager or HR Source [VMware network access required]. Sick Leave is not payable during unpaid Maternity Leave. You may be able to extend your Maternity Leave by an equivalent period if you are certified sick by your doctor but no additional pay will accrue. 


Sick employees can take up to 26 weeks paid company Sick Leave per rolling 12-month period, at the company’s discretion. Disability Insurance may apply after twenty-six (26) weeks but this is subject to medical examination from the insurance providers. 


If you are considered eligible for State Illness Benefits, you will be paid your gross basic monthly salary less any entitlement you may have to social welfare benefit from the Department of Social & Family Affairs. Social Welfare for a single person will be automatically deducted from your basic pay on day seven (7) of your absence in any calendar quarter. No deduction will be made for first six (6) days of absence in any calendar quarter as no entitlement for Social Welfare exists until day seven (7). It is your responsibility to claim the appropriate Social Welfare benefit. 

If your sickness benefit expires, you will not be entitled to further benefit until you have returned to work for at least thirteen (13) weeks. This qualifying period also applies to long term leave of absences such as Maternity Leave, Parental Leave and Carer’s Leave.  

Scheduling Sick Leave 

  • All Sick Leave planned or unplanned, must be discussed with your manager. If an absence is unexpected, you should notify your manager within three (3) hours of your scheduled start time. If your absence lasts for more than one (1) week, you are required to notify your manager each Monday before midday, unless otherwise agreed with HR. Your manager will fill out the Return to Work Form on your first day of absence and submit it to HR Source [VMware network access required] to notify them of your absence. 
  •  If you are ill for three (3) days or more, you must obtain a medical certificate on your third day of illness and send it with the Return to Work Form to HR Source [VMware network access required]. This certificate must state the nature of your illness and your anticipated date of your return.  
  • Any sickness absence taken either side of Annual Leave or Public Holidays will require a doctor’s certificate, regardless of duration.
  • Record your Sick Leave days in Workday [VMware network access required] 
    • For the first six (6) days of your Sick Leave use the code IE Sick Leave 
    • For the remainder of your Sick Leave use the code IE Sick Time Off (Day 7 Onwards) 

Contact Us

Contact HR Source [VMware network access required]
ASK HR [VMware network access required]
Phone: (+353) 214666909


Ireland Sick Leave Policy [VMware network access required]

Return to Work Form [VMware network access required]

Workday [VMware network access required]

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