NEMEA Mental Health Programme

Looking after your mental health

The struggles of everyday life – divorce, illness, death of a loved one, problems at work – can have a big impact on your health.

Within VMware, we pride ourselves on our EPIC2 values that help share what we do, how we work and treat one another. VMware cares about espousing those values to ensure all employees feel included are able to get the support needed on their well-being journey.

How we provide support

That’s why we created our first Mental Health First Aid team* to provide employee support.

We have over 50 Mental Health First Aiders that are based in Staines, Manchester, Cork, Dublin, Utrecht, Sweden, Norway, Denmark and Belgium who have all attended a two-day Mental Health First Aid course and now accredited in their field through MHFA.

  • These volunteers act as a point of contact and reassurance to employees who are experiencing any mental health or emotional stress and are unsure where to go for help.
  • Can be that first initial contact in guiding you through the programmes we have in place and the best way to get professional support.
  • Maintain absolute confidentiality of any discussions with employees who approach them for assistance

Some confidential conversations with a First Aid volunteer may be a quick chat or an in-depth meeting including, but not limited to:

  • Relationship problems and divorce
  • Anxiety and stress
  • Work related issues/problems with colleagues or managers
  • Health issues whether physical or mental
  • Someone close to you passing away and managing grief
  • Concerns about job security
  • Problems experienced by your children e.g. exam stress, eating disorders

Accessing Mental Health First Aid Support

Details of all our Mental Health First Aiders, their location and contact details can be found here (see attached). The team can also be recognized in the office by their yellow VMware Mental Health First Aider lanyard.

Want to find out more about or get involved in Mental Health First Aid?

Please contact and one of our team will respond to your question or alternatively contact one of our Mental Health First Aiders [VMware network access required] directly.

* Please note, our volunteers are not taught to diagnose mental health conditions. The accredited training, they are given raises awareness of a wide range of potential signs of mental ill health and gives them strategies and skills to offer initial support. If you need medical support, please contact our ICAS: Coaching, Therapy, and Work Life Services or your doctor for guidance.

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Technology Officer EMEA
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