WellBeing Allowance

Living a healthy and balanced life is a part of the VMware culture. We want you to be your best and achieve wellbeing; the state of being comfortable, healthy, and happy.

The WellBeing Program supports these goals worldwide by offering all employees an equitable reimbursement that can be used for any membership, class, facility, program, or activity aligned with one of our four pillars:

To assist you in determining if an expense is allowable, please answer the questions and follow the chart below:

See list of exclusions below. Please feel free to ASK HR if you are unsure:

• Firearms, weapons of any kind
• Illegal drugs
• Alcohol, cigarettes, or any other vices potentially harmful to health
• Any item currently covered under another VMware program irrespective of enrollment e.g. Health Insurance, Take 1 – 3, Foundation Contributions etc.*

*While vaccinations are generally covered under our health plan, VMware will make an exception for Vaccinations to also be considered an allowable expense for the wellbeing allowance through December 31, 2021.

To get started, login to the new wellbeing allowance reimbursement platform, also available via workspace one. For a step by step guide to creating new claims, view the Quick Reference Guide.

For questions, review the WellBeing Allowance FAQ. If you have more questions or need assistance, please contact HR Source [VMware network access required].

Below is a list of each country’s reimbursement amount in local currency. Please note that your reimbursement may be subject to local taxation and will be processed according to statutory requirements.

Annual Reimbursement Amounts by Country

Country  Annual Amount
Argentina 34, 335 ARS
Armenia 304,212 AMD
Australia 1,342 AUD
Austria 821 EUR
Belgium 821 EUR
Brazil 3,190 BRL
Bulgaria 821 BGN
Canada 1,301 CAD
Chile 462,006 CLP
China 5,252 CNY
Colombia 2,185,944 COP
Costa Rica 299,720 CRC
Czech Republic 15356 CZK
Denmark 6,246 DKK
Egypt 6, 664 EGP
Finland 821 EUR
France 821 EUR
Germany 821 EUR
Hong Kong 7,751 HKD
Hungary 151, 505 HUF
India 29,565 INR*
Indonesia 6,011,200 IDR
Ireland 821 EUR
Israel 3,325 ILS
Italy 821 EUR
Japan 104,750 JPY
Korea 110,8590 KRW
Malaysia 2,044 MYR
Mexico 10,029 MXN
Netherlands 821 EUR
New Zealand 1,142 NZD
Norway 6,180 NOK
Peru 1,802 PEN
Philippines 28,887 PHP
Poland 1,878 PLN
Qatar 3699 QAR
Russia 49,279 RUB
Saudi Arabia 3,750 SAR
Singapore 1,340 SGD
South Africa 9,076 ZAR
Spain 821 EUR
Sweden 8,497 SEK
Switzerland 908 CHF
Taiwan 14,255 TWD
Thailand 18,106 THB
Turkey 3, 580 TRY
United Arab Emirates 3,673 AED
United Kingdom 741 GBP
United States 1000 USD

*Due to the current devastation and unique circumstances in India, the wellbeing allowance is being temporarily uplifted to 59,130 INR through December 31, 2021.