Religious Obligation leave

VMware shall provide an employee with appropriate permission to be absent from work for the purpose of fulfilling his/her religious obligation, in accordance with the prevailing regulations.


Eligible employees are entitled to take leave as of 2 (two) days before his/her departure until and including 2(two) days following his/her arrival in Indonesia. For example, if your Hajj pilgrimage is 40 days, then VMware will provide you with up to 44 days of religious obligation leave in total, that is, 2 days before the pilgrimage, the 40 days for the Hajj pilgrimage and 2 days after you have returned to Indonesia).

The Religious Obligations Leave may only be taken once in the entire time that you are employed at VMware.

Scheduling Religious Obligations Leave

  • All Religious Obligations Leave requests must be discussed with and approved by your manager (preferably via email). The Company has the right to request the employee to provide a certificate on the length of the Religious Obligations leave (e.g. from the Ministry of Religion which organizes the regular Hajj program).
  • Once agreed with your manager, enter your Hajj Leave in Workday[VMware network access required] under time off type Religious Obligation (Days).

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