Birth or Adoption

Congratulations! Bringing a new child into the family is an exciting time, and there’s a lot to think about. VMware provides some unique benefits and resources to help you through the process.

Benefit Changes 

Changes and elections for most of the VMware benefit plans are made during the annual enrollment window; however, birth or adoption is considered a Qualified Life Event [1]. You must make changes within 30 days of the date of the Qualified Life Event [1]. If you do not meet this deadline, you must wait until the next annual enrollment window. You are eligible to make the following changes:

Time Away

Planning time away from work to care for and bond with your child is an important consideration. In addition to Annual Leave [5], there are a number of leave options available. Be sure to review the details for eligibility requirements:

Other Resources

ICAS [8] provides emotional wellbeing support for employees and their families, how, when, and where you need it, at no cost to you. With online tools, research-backed therapeutic methods, and top therapists, coaches, and digital tools, you and your family can access an easy-to-use, convenient, and confidential way to get support.

Rethink’s award-winning, research-based program provides support to parents raising children with learning or behavior challenges, or developmental disabilities at no cost to you.

Employees and their partners have free access to virtual care through Maven for support through preconception; pregnancy and postpartum; fertility and alternative paths to parenthood. Maven also provides support for you upon your return to work after parental leave. Use Maven for 24/7 access to doctors, specialists and coaches and a deep library of classes and clinically-backed content tailored to your experience.