VMware will make retirement fund contributions pursuant to the BPJS/Social Security Manpower regulations on a monthly basis as outlined in the table below.


All regular full-time employees aged below 57 years are eligible to participate in the mandatory BPJS employment program


Contribution percentages are updated from time to time by the Indonesian Government


Retirement Plan Employee Employer
JHT = Jaminan Hari Tua (Old Age Security): 2% 3.70%
JKM = Jaminan Kematian (Death Security): 0% 0.30%
JKK = Jaminan Kecelakaan Kerja (Work Accident Security): 0% 0.24%
Pensiun (Pension) 1% 2.00%
BPJS Health 1% capped at IDR 80,940 per month 4% capped at IDR 320,000 per month

When Coverage Begins

Coverage will begin on your first day of active work as a VMware employee.

When Coverage Ends

Coverage will end on the last day of your employment with VMware.

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