Sick Leave

VMware encourages a healthy working environment. When you aren’t feeling and it’s impacting your ability to work, Sick Leave, in accordance with statutory requirements, provides you with paid time off to rest and recuperate from an illness or injury.


You accrue two (2) days of paid Sick Leave for each completed month of employment during your first twelve (12) months. After which you receive four (4) days of paid Sick Leave for each completed month, up to a maximum of one hundred and twenty (120) days. A medical certificate is required if you are absent more than three (3) days. VMware has a right to ask for a medical certificate if Sick Leave is taken on a Monday, Friday and/or following or proceeding a Public Holiday [1].

If you fall sick or are incapacitated whilst on Annual Leave [2], the period of the illness is to be claimed as Sick Leave and the equivalent Annual Leave [2] will be credited, provided:

Extended Sick Leave

After your accumulated Sick Leave entitlements have been exhausted or when the continuous period of absence due to illness/injury reaches sixty (60) days (whichever occurs first) you may be eligible for the Salary Program and/or Disability Income [3]. While you can apply for this, the ruling of receiving the allowance is at the discretion of the insurer.

Scheduling Sick Leave

All Sick Leave planned or unplanned, must be discussed with your manager. If an absence is unexpected, you should notify your manager as soon as reasonably possible.

Returning to Work

Please note: This information is an overview of Sick Leave. Refer to the Hong Kong Employee Handbook [6] [VMware network access required] for detailed information.