VMware wellness

Living a healthy and balanced life is a part of the VMware culture. From pursuing physical fitness or making wellness a priority, VMware can support your wellness journey.

  • Global Fitness Reimbursement Program [VMware network access required]: VMware provides a global fitness reimbursement for those who work from home or at a location without access to a fitness center.
  • Wellness Socialcast Group [VMware network access required]: Stay up to date on the latest VMware wellness initiatives, see how your colleagues are staying healthy and post your success story to inspire others.
  • Club vFit [VMware network access required]: If you’re on the Palo Alto campus, you have access to Club vFit which provides a wide variety of exercise and workout options for a small membership fee.

Contact Us

Club vFit – Palo Alto Onsite Gym
Phone: 1-650-427-4103

HR Source
Phone: 1-888-VMWARE8, option ‘US Benefits’
ASK HR [VMware network access required]