VMware offers vision coverage through the Vision Service Plan (VSP). There are two plans to choose from: Core and Buy-Up. The Buy-Up Plan offers a higher level of benefits for lenses, contacts and frames. The Vision Service Plan (VSP) network of providers includes both optometrists and ophthalmologists. To see if your vision provider is in-network, visit VSP find a doctor.

Vision Service Plan Details

VSP Core1 VSP Buy-Up Out-of-Network
Vision Exam (once every calendar year) $10 co-pay then 100% $10 co-pay then 100% $10 co-pay then plan reimburses up to $50
Lenses (once every calendar year) $25 co-pay then plan pays:
Single Vision: 100%
Lined Bifocal: 100%
Lined Trifocal: 100%
No co-pay.
Plan pays:
Single Vision: 100%
Lined Bifocal: 100%
Lined Trifocal: 100%
$25 co-pay for Core Plan (no co-pay for Buy-Up), then plan reimburses up to:
Single Vision: $50
Lined Bifocal: $75
Lined Trifocal: $100
Contact Lenses (once every calendar year, in lieu of lenses and frame) Covered up to $120 allowance Covered up to $200 allowance Reimbursed up to $105
Frames Covered up to $120 (once every two calendar years)

Covered up to $65 for Costco frames

Covered up to $200 (once every calendar year)

Covered up to $110 for Costco frames

Reimbursed up to $70
Diabetic Eye-Care Plus Program $20 for services related to diabetic eye disease $20 for services related to diabetic eye disease Not Covered

1 Paid Interns are only eligible for the Core Vision plan.

Employee Contributions for 2023 Per Paycheck1

Plan Employee Only Employee +
Spouse/Domestic Partner
Employee + Child(ren) Employee + Family
VSP Vision — Core $0 $0.37 $0.39 $1.07
VSP Vision — Buy Up $3.13 $5.00 $5.10 $8.55

1 Per paycheck contributions are 24 times per year. Contributions are pre-tax (except for Domestic Partner coverage).

Dependent Eligibility

  • Your spouse or domestic partner. Please note: after tax contributions and imputed income may apply when covering a domestic partner. See the Domestic Partner Imputed Income Rate Table for details
  • Your child(ren), your spouse’s / domestic partner’s child(ren), your foster child(ren), and the minor(s) you have legal guardianship of are eligible for vision coverage until age 26, regardless of marital or student status.

For more information on vision services, see the VSP Evidence of Coverage (EOC). You can also find a summary of vision benefits here.

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Phone: 1-888-869-2738

Vision Service Plan (VSP)
Phone 1-800-877-7195
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