VMware offers dental coverage through Delta Dental. You may use any dental provider you choose but you save when you use dentists within Delta Dental’s PPO network. Visit find a provider [1] to see if your dentist is in-network. The Delta Dental plan covers most preventive, restorative, orthodontia and major dental procedures. Preventive care, including routine exams and cleanings are covered at 100% with no deductible.

Delta Dental Plan Details

Delta PPO Provider Delta Premier Provider1 &
Out-of-Network Provider2
Annual Deductible Individual: $50
Family: $150
Individual: $50
Family: $150
Annual Maximum Benefit Non-Orthodontic Services per Individual: $2,000
Orthodontia Lifetime Maximum per Individual: $2,000
Non-Orthodontic Services per Individual: $2,000
Orthodontia Lifetime Maximum per Individual: $2,000
Preventive/Diagnostic (exams, cleanings, fluoride, X-rays, and sealants) 100% (no deductible) 100% (no deductible) up to MPA3
Basic Restorative (fillings, root canal, periodontics, and oral surgery) 90% after deductible 80% after deductible up to MPA3
Major Restorative (crowns,bridges, dentures, partials, implants, etc.) 60% after deductible 50% after deductible up to MPA3
Orthodontia (for adults and children) 60%
Lifetime maximum of $2,000 per individual
50% of the MPA3
Lifetime maximum of $2,000 per individual

1 The Premier provider has agreed to accept the contracted rate from Delta Dental.
2 The Out-of-Network provider has not agreed to Delta’s rates. Delta Dental pays the percentage shown above of the reasonable and customary rate. If the Out-of-Network provider charges a higher fee than Delta’s reasonable and customary fee, you would be responsible for paying that additional cost.
3 Maximum Plan Allowance

Employee Contributions for 2020

Per Paycheck1

Plan Employee Only Employee +
Spouse/Domestic Partner
Employee + Child(ren) Employee + Family
Delta Dental PPO $0 $7.20 $12.68 $20.21

1 Per paycheck contributions are 24 times per year. Contributions are pre-tax (except for Domestic Partner [2] coverage).

Dependent Eligibility

For more information on dental services, see the Delta Dental Evidence of Coverage (EOC) [4].