Parental Leave

VMware provides Parental Leave in accordance with statutory requirements so that you can take the necessary time off work to care of your child.


The parental leave applies to biological mother and fathers, or her/his partner, parents who participate in the upbringing of a child and have completed one year of employment with VMware.

The parental leave entitlement is four (4) months per child for each parent, in case of twins, triplets or more children, you may use the parental leave separately for each child. Leave is an individual entitlement which cannot be transferred between parents.

The parental leave may be granted to the mother or to the father or her/his partner, in the scope as requested by them, up until the child reaches their 8th birthday.

Applying for Parental Leave


You should discuss and agree your intended leave dates with your manager at least 4 weeks in advance. Once approved, please contact the HR Source team by clicking on ‘Ask HR’ icon on the HR Source homepage. The HR Source EMEA team will support you with queries on this leave and will work with the responsible teams to ensure your leave is tracked correctly.

Payment during Shared Parental Leave

During Parental Leave you will receive statutory Parental Leave entitlement only. No additional compensation is provided by the Company.

Please note: This information is an overview of Parental Leave only. To check any other eligible leave entitlement please refer to the Greece Family Leave Policy [VMware network access required] for detailed information. 

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