Military Leave

If you enlist, participate in reserve training or are called to serve the Army Reserve, Royal Naval Reserve, Royal Air Force Reserve, Royal Marines Reserve or any category of persons designated by the Ministry of Defence (MOD) you are eligible for Military Leave. Military Leave ensures job protection while you are away training and serving your country.

Duration and Job Protection

In accordance with applicable law, your job is protected while you are away on Military Leave. As a reservist you have the right to be re-employed in the type of job in which you were last employed and on terms and conditions no less favorable to that previously. VMware has an obligation under SOE 85 to reinstate you, where possible to your former role, if not a mutually acceptable role on the same terms and conditions prior to mobilisation.


In the event a Reservist is mobilised, the MOD will assume responsibility for your salary according to your military rank. If this salary is less than you receive from VMware, it is your responsibility to apply to the MOD for the difference to minimize any loss of earnings. This is known as a Reservist Award.
In the event that the MoD do not top up your earnings, VMware will pay the difference between your prior to mobilisation base compensation and the salary received from the MOD (excluding variable incentive payment such as target commission or target bonus). You will need to provide evidence from the MOD of your reservist award if this is the case.


The policy provides time off for any training required whether or not you are mobilised, VMware is committed to providing 10-days paid leave per year for Reservists to enable attendance at Annual Continuous Training (ACT).  The training is also available for Cadet Force Adult Volunteers wishing to train and mentor young cadets in the community.

Before Your Leave Starts

1. Notify your manager as far in advance as possible.
2. Contact HR Source EMEA and provide the following information:
– Start date of your leave of absence
– Actual or anticipated return to work date
– A copy of your military services orders

Recording Time off for Training and Military Leave

If you are called up for training you should record the time off in Workday using the ‘Civic/Jury/Court’ time off category.
If you are called up for mobilisation, please contact HR Source EMEA with details of your call up request so the leave of absence can be recorded in Workday.


The following table outlines your benefits coverage during mobilisation

Benefit Coverage
Health Benefits (Medical, Dental, Vision, EAP) Continue throughout mobilisation
Life Insurance Continue throughout mobilisation
Disability Continue throughout mobilisation
Pension Option to join AFPS plan or request MOD pay contributions into VMware plan (subject to acceptance)
Holiday/Vacation You will accrue Vacation with the MOD. If your vacation entitlement is higher at VMware, then you can accrue the difference at VMware and accrues in line with the company’s vacation policy

Returning to Work

To return to work from a Military Leave, you must complete the following steps:
1. Contact HR Source EMEA to confirm your return to work a few days before your first day back.
2. Tell your manager in advance of your return.
For additional detail see the applicable Military Leave of Absence policy on Source here [VMware network access required] for detailed information.

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