If you operate a Visual Display Unit (VDU) you are entitled to a free company sight test and, if appropriate, glasses too. By law employers are required to fund the cost of an eyesight test for every display screen equipment user and to provide basic spectacles to correct vision defects for the display screen equipment work concerned. The frequency of new spectacles is restricted to a change in lens prescription as judged by the optician, typically every 24 months.

To get started with your sight test:

  1. Log on to the Eyecare Plan portal.
  2. Fill in your details and an eye care plan will be emailed (or if you prefer, posted) to you.
  3. Make a sight test appointment at your chosen optician taking along the plan. There are over 2,500 opticians in the network and you will receive a list of the nearest ones.
  4. The Eyecare Plan will pay for the sight test and if you need spectacles for Visual Display Unit work you can pick a free frame and lenses from the appropriate range.
  5. Subsidized lens upgrades are also available. If you would prefer to choose from the optician’s own range of frames then you may do so at your own expense and you will receive a discount.

IMPORTANT: Under no circumstances should you book an appointment, have your sight tested or purchase spectacles until you have applied for, received and complied with your Eyecare Plan.

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