VMware provides medical insurance through AXA PPP healthcare.


All regular employees and their spouse or partner plus any dependent children up to the renewal following their 25th birthday, are eligible.


The coverage includes the following:

The group medical policy with AXA PPP healthcare also incorporates Worldwide Travel Insurance.

Members of the AXA Plan also have access to a Virtual GP with AXA’s Doctor@Hand service. You can use Doctor@Hand 24 hours a day, seven days a week so you will always be able to fit an appointment in even outside of regular GP hours. Visit Doctor Care Anywhere [1] to speak to a GP.

Making a Claim

Call AXA PPP healthcare as soon as your GP refers you for private treatment. AXA PPP healthcare will then make the necessary checks that the treatment is eligible before you incur any costs. Where possible, AXA PPP healthcare will assess your claim over the phone. Dependent upon the claim, AXA PPP healthcare may request full medical details from your GP or may send you a form that you need to take to your GP for completion. Please be aware that your GP may make a charge for providing information to AXA PPP healthcare and this charge is NOT covered by the policy.


VMware pays 100% of the premium costs for you and your eligible dependents, however, you will be responsible to pay a policy excess of £100 that is payable once per person per policy year.

Coverage Begins

You are not automatically enrolled [2] into the medical plan, as it is a taxable benefit. If you wish to cover yourself and/or your eligible dependents [2], you will need to actively select this benefit via MyLife [3] [VMware network access required] within 40 days of joining. If you do not enrol within the 40 day period, you will need to wait until the next Open Enrolment window in April, unless you experience a qualified life event [2] before this.

Coverage Ends

Coverage for you and your dependents under the plan will end on the last day of your employment with VMware; however, you can elect to continue coverage on a personal basis by contacting within 90 days of your leaving date.