VMware provides a Group Personal Pension Plan with Scottish Widows.

Employee Contributions

VMware Contributions

VMware will match your contributions as follows:

Matching Contributions

Your Contribution VMware’s Matching Contribution
5% of base salary 7% of base salary
7% of base salary 10% of base salary


Opting Out

Vesting Period

You are immediately 100% vested.

Salary Exchange

The Group Personal Pension Plan operates on a Salary Exchange basis which means that both you and VMware save on National Insurance Contributions.  By participating in Salary Exchange you will see a modest increase in your take home pay without any detrimental impact on your pension benefits. For details on Salary Exchange please refer to the Salary Exchange Frequently Asked Questions [2] [VMware network access required]. Your accumulated pension fund can be used to purchase retirement benefits. The size of your fund will depend on the amount of contributions invested in the scheme, investment growth minus deductions for charges.

When Coverage Begins

When Coverage Ends

Upon leaving the service of VMware your fund holdings will continue to remain invested with Scottish Widows and your policy will become an individual personal pension scheme.  There are no exit penalties on the transfer of monies to a different Pension Provider, or on early retirement.