Travel Insurance

VMware provides Travel Insurance through a Group Insurance Travel Plan with IF insurance.


All regular employees and fixed term contract employees on payroll. Self-employed and agency workers are excluded.

The travel insurance applies when you take either a business or leisure trip within Finland.


  • Medical: Sum insured: Unlimited; Indemnity period: 90 days
  • Disability: lump sum 33 638 EUR
  • Repatriation included
  • Baggage: max 1 682 EUR, no deduction
  • Trip Cancellation included
  • Personal Liability: max 84 094 EUR, deductible 150 EUR
  • Travel Assistance Services included
  • Exclusions: Dangerous activities, war or armed conflict
  • Leisure time travel included

When Coverage Begins

Coverage will begin on your first day of active work as a VMware employee.

When Coverage Ends

Coverage will end on the last day of your employment with VMware.


VMware pays 100% of the premium cost for the Travel Insurance.

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Travel Insurance Policy

Last Updated: 17 Nov 2021, 8:48 AM