Sick Time Off

At VMware we encourage a healthy work environment. You are entitled to take Sick Time Off in accordance with statutory requirements with the understanding that sick days are solely for recuperating from an illness or injury.


VMware provides paid Sick Time Off in accordance to the law for any illness supported by a medical certificate.

Short term Sick Time Off (less than 2 months) paid by Employer

If you cannot attend work because you have been taken ill, you should contact your Manager and/or HR Source EMEA as early as possible, providing:

  • the nature of your illness.
  • the expected length of absence from work.
  • contact details; and
  • any outstanding or urgent work that requires attention.

Self-certification may be used for a maximum of 3 consecutive calendar days at time, calculated from the first day of absence. This means that starting from the 4th consecutive day of absence, you must document your illness by way of a doctor’s certificate.

For questions related to the self-certification, please contact HR Source EMEA.

Sick pay during short term sick time off

VMware will pay sick pay for up to 2 months, calculated from the first day of absence due to sickness or injury.

In the event that the same illness reoccurs during the following 30 days after returning to work, the periods of absence are counted together and salary is paid as though it was an uninterrupted period of illness.

Since the employee will be paid normal salary during the sick leave, the company will apply for the daily allowance in accordance with the Sickness Insurance Act or the Employment Accidents Insurance Act.

Caring for Sick children

You are entitled to 4 days at a time in case of sickness of your child (up to the age of 10 years) in order to care for or make arrangements for the care of your child. Only one of the parents has the right to take time off for a sick child at a time. VMware may ask you to provide documentation to confirm sickness of child.

Scheduling Sick Leave

  • You should notify your manager as soon as possible that you will not be coming to work due to illness or injury. When absent due to illness, you must provide your manager and HR Source with a medical certificate within three (3) working days.

Record your short-term Sick Time off time in Workday.

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