VMware provides a free vision test and if appropriate, frames and lenses in line with statutory requirements. Please refer to your Veraton package with Terveystallo for more info on the vision tests.


All permanent employees. Self-employed or agency contractors are excluded.

Brief Summary

Employees are entitled to a vision test in line with the policy in place via the Occupational Health Plan with Terveystalo.

If the employee requires glasses to correct their vision for VDU work then VMware will reimburse for the full cost of the lenses and up to 100 EUR for the frames once every 5 years. If glasses are required for reading, even if they are only used for work tasks, these are not eligible as the reimbursement applies for VDU related work only.

Please submit your invoice through Concur in order to get reimbursed for this cost.

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Last Updated: 13 Dec 2022, 2:39 PM